I call this one The Campfire Song Song
Thank you so much. I was having a horrible day and this blog made me feel so much better :)

Stuff like this is why I keep this blog.
Thank YOU.

If I hear one more “Is this the krusty krab?” “No, this is Patrick” joke or any variation of it, I’m going to stab someone.

Way to beat a dead seahorse.

That Squidward moment when your boss turns out to not be a robot

i think we should all develop a counter to "that awkward moment" called "that squidward moment" featuring mainstays of squid's life. so far i've thought up about fifteen.

We need to do this

This needs to be done

We’re doing this

Something that’s going to be done is this 

HAhaha that girl who asked for your URL. Just....AHAhahAHA omg

Hey, I’m a big proponent of the whole it-doesn’t-hurt-to-ask school of thought, but dude, I’m krusty-krab. It’s my name. Like Prince. Or Cher. Or Madonna. Or Obama.  

For all the black & white blogs out there

For all the black & white blogs out there

I want each and every one of you to send me a request and I will do them all

Do it for the Krusty Krab 

Can I have your URL because I saw that you last updated 3 weeks ago when I looked the blog up soooo I was wondering if I could have the URL :) and your URL could be like ummm spongebob-blog or sponge-bob-blog or something I wll think of for you :)

Are you serious